Help end ICCPs.

You matter!

Ending Invasive Cosmetic and Convenience Procedures (ICCPs) on animals is not a one-person job. But one person CAN make a difference!

A work-in-progress...

This movement has been building for generations but this website is still under construction. Soon, you will see many ways to make your voice heard on this disturbing issue. 

What can I do now?

Please contact your Congressmen and women. Tell them that Invasive Cosmetic & Convenience Procedures on animals must be stopped! 

Just a quick call or note is tallied by their staff. They assume that for every constituent who contacts them there are dozens---maybe thousands---who share the same sentiment but not the time.

Your small effort will make a big difference!

The time is now...and here are a few reasons why....

 -Pet ownership stretches across the aisle…

  • 68% of Republicans have at least one pet. 
  • 59% of Democrats.
  • 60% of Independents.

-62% of Americans have at least one pet.

-95% of us consider our pets to be members of the family…

  • 45% of us have bought our pets birthday presents.
  • 31% of us cook for our pets.

-93% of Americans would risk their own lives for their pet.

-Only 1% of American pet owners consider their pets property.

Here are a couple more reasons...

In 2017...

  •  U.S. bans tail docking  on farm animals  (effective 3/20/17). This set a precedent.  
  • The number of AKC docked breeds rises from 62 in 2011 to 67 in 2017. The problem is getting worse...not better. 


Please keep an eye on our site. There's a lot more to come!